Raphael Rizzo – Australia

Studio Zziro is the collective body of work from Raphael Rizzo, an Australian artist with a background in Architecture & Design, who has been working and traveling for the past 4 years in Europe, Latin America & Asia. Recent works have focused on the creation of large scale, site-specific paintings, that respond directly to both
the context and physical nature of the location to produce work that is a conversation between the site itself and the work applied to its surfaces.

Though essentially abstract, these interventions draw on the natural topography of mountains and rocks, the peeling and cracking of built forms, paint and urban signage such as the torn removal of posters found throughout the urban condition. By using these recognizable forms as their base, the pieces aim to invite their audience to acknowledge the passage of time, the impermanence of form and the constant processes that affect both our built and natural surroundings. These works breathe new life into the space by both acknowledging its history and celebrating its context.

The Campos intervention will incorporate aesthetic elements specific to the experience of the town, and more widely Majorca. The vivid colours of its sunsets, the earthy and mountainous tones of the landscape with its cliffs and beaches, the patchwork of surrounding farmlands, as well as the old and new Architecture unique to the region.


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