Sustainability and upcycling is the key to my artwork, shedding a light on things that might otherwise not be interesting for anyone as they are considered as rubbish or unwanted.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, in my case: instead of heading to the arts supply store I rather keep my eyes on the ground to find that special item that might serve as a treasure and enhancement to a particular piece of art at the time. I present these finds in a different context which, as such provides the rubbish with an upcycled importance which automatically creates a certain interest in the observer and makes them look at my art in an more curious way.

My canvas is a stave which, as such, to me is so beautiful, so unique, each individual one, that it turns out an obstacle to actually work with it. Nevertheless it serves exactly my purpose as it is normally considered as firewood meaning waste.

Andy Warhol might have been the first to make an empty soup can in art popular, I go beyond and furnish real waste, things that no longer serve a certain purpose, with meaning.

To me coming back to the studio day after day is driven by the intention to create awareness for our surroundings, for nature and what we do with it by carelessly throwing things away and by this support my eco credibility .


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